The Umbrellas of Shibuya

David Scott: The Umbrellas of Shibuya

From BBC Music at The Quay summer 2015

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  1. tony

    Always loved this song because it reminds me of one of your style of songs that appear to be like 3 different songs musically rolled into one. you do that every now and then. each part independent. I’ve always loved that part in the studio version where you are singing “if we could bottle each drop of this feathered rain” cause it somehow gets perfectly waltzy right there…I always imagine geisha type women swinging umbrellas in a sort of dance routine for some reason.I also love right at the end where it gets slow again and a sliver of banjo comes to the front.
    always loved that line also about “filling my cup”.

    anyways last year I was planning a vacation and I thought about where to go…and because of this song I actually thought…you know…I always think of going to europe….why not japan? no body I know ever even thinks of going to japan…it might be more exotic than going to europe. so I decided to go….then I found out it was a 12 hour flight…..and thought…europe it is! ah well. Ive always thought the airline industry could make millions if they offered a paid upgrade…where they medically put you to sleep for the duration of a long flight and wake you up when you get there.a 12 hour flight would seem like only minutes for all intent and purpose! you just time oh well, it might be a few more years till thats doable!

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