The Pearlfishers: The Last Days of September

This film takes you an a short journey around a dream-state Falkirk with Alan Davie murals, Italian cafes, a Cattle Tryst…

From The Pearlfishers ‘Open Up Your Colouring Book’ album.


  1. tony

    I made myself a couple mix CD’s of all your songs…and I was listening to this amazing body of work with songs that are as complex and tuneful,orchestral and brilliant as any beatles song…and I was thinking…how do you not EXPLODE?? I hate to be so blunt, but you are one of those artists I feel is just too brilliant to be not totally famous the world over.your music is just too good! geez….if you could just get one of your tunes in a key scene in a movie or something!

    just something to get you over the hump. a YouTube viral video with one of your tunes in the background…SOMETHING!! I mean, I am sure you know you have an expanse of music of such a high caliber, I am sure you cant believe not everyone knows them.
    and your new album has more of said brilliance. the peacock and the king….you’ll never steal my spirit…you cant escape the way that your feeling…are the ones that I’ve been listening to the most.

    I was thinking as I was listening to last days of september…I would love someday if you did a cover of “california dreaming” with acoustic guitar and strings and lots of double tracked vocals and harmonies.WHOA…that would be amazing.

    anyways….I hope you never stop making your albums…in a sort of way, I love that it feels like your “my band”. I love telling people about your music that never heard it. its like a secret almost, feeling like you know a band that makes such incredible music yet they are just yours…but I totally wish everyone knew of you david,cause you are too brilliant! dont feel alone….sometime just go on I-tunes and listen to the band “Blackfield”…or Maximilian Hecker. 2 other brilliant but not widely known. keep making music David!! there are lots of people who will miss it the day you stop!


    • Tony – thanks for this. No point in worrying about how much you sell etc – just have to keep making the music and try to get people to hear it. You Tube has helped lately with the videos and we do get airplay certainly in the UK. What helps most though is folks spreading the word so please keep doing it. I’ve recorded covers over the years – we did a version of Judy Collins ‘Since You’ve Asked’ on the Japanese edition of The Young Picnickers and Brian Wilson’s ‘Go Away Boy’ for the Caroline Now compilation. Also Norman Blake’s ‘Dumb Dumb Dumb’ for a TFC compilation and The Who’s ‘Someone’s Coming’. I wouldn’t attempt ‘California Dreaming’ though – it would feel like intruding on Leonardo Da Vinci…

      • Just to let you know, your music gets regular airplay on KHUM, an FM radio station in Humboldt County, California. I discovered your song “Up With The Larks,” several years ago and fell in love with it. That led me to listen to other Pearlfishers songs, which I have played quite a bit on my daily radio show. I agree with Tony’s comment — your music is fantastic and deserves to be heard far and wide.

      • Larry – much appreciated. Much more music soon from us.

      • Tony

        Thats either you just speaking in generalizations…ie theres more music to come from the pearlfishers,and “soon” was just a throwaway comment …OR…….OMG… you are actually working on another album!!

        I have to tell you OUYCB was a 16 track masterpiece. i got it in 2014 and its been on some form of my music players from Iphone to computer to car stereo pretty much… every….single…day..and thats not me exaggerating. you dont disappoint with those full vocals and orchestral arrangements…. a sparse pearlfishers album isnt something I’m anxious to hear. anyways whenever a new pearlfisher album comes, its a good year!!

        thanks David!


  2. tony

    So….I really hope its not many years before a new pearlfishers album. …you take too long!…..but how about a covers album…or EP where you tackle some famous tunes. heres what I would like
    california dreaming
    sorry seems to be the hardest word
    the impossible dream
    tomorrow.. from, annie
    rainbow connection
    Mr bojangles
    hello by lionel richie
    lord you gave me a mountain. elvis presley did a beautiful version of this its on youtube
    wouldn’t it be nice
    by the time I get to phoenix
    what I did for love

    but honestly I prefer your originals! nobody crosses so many different styles than you!
    also listening to your new album, one thing you have been doing alot better is you are nailing the double tracking alot more now vocally.and you have been doing more harmonys than ever. like on you cant escape the way that you feel, all those ooooohs sound WONDERFUL.

    also, any insight into “the peacock and a king”? things you remember from recording….the instrumentation on it….how you came up with the lyrics? what exactly is on the track instrumentation wise…like that sort of flourish right at the beginning? anyways thanks for the wonderful new album…now right more songs!

    • I played a bit of ‘The Rainbow Connection’ last night just before ‘I Just See The Rainbow’..
      ‘A Peacock & A King’ uses a folk tale format to tell a real story in disguise. I can’t reveal any more than that. There is a peacock and there is a king, let’s leave it at that! The instrumentation is simple – piano and acoustic guitar as you’ll hear. I use glockenspiel and a wood block (the same one I used on the version of ‘Since You’ve Asked’) then a plain organ in the choruses. The ‘flourish’ is a combination of a backwards piano chord leading to a chord on Autoharp blended with finger cymbal. Now you know!

  3. tony

    also are you also a jobbing artist? I pay people all the time online to add parts to my music. pay via paypal or any other kind of medium.I would totally love to have your whistle on one of my songs. you have the perfect whistle! like I just see the rainbow…like that….double tracked lol!

    also will you ever do crowd funding for an album someday where fans can help out to pay and get sort of rewards for doing so? that would be awesome!!!!

    let me know if you ever come to NYC would love to chat about your music!!

    • not sure I would say I was a jobbing artist – used to be more of that, doing sessions and a lot of production. Now I concentrate more teaching my MA Songwriting course at UWS, making the Pearlies records and broadcasting. I keep trying to pull things in but end up adding more to my week…

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