Paper Lifetime Guarantees

I wrote this song with Amy Allison back in the days when collaborating on songs over email seemed like a vaguely innovative act. This and other songs we made ended up on an album called Turn Like The World Does in 2012, still available from all good dealers of MP3s the internet over and still a personal favourite of mine. When I was asked to do BBC’s Another Country Songwriters In The Round at Celtic Connections 2015 this was first on my list. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Just seen your performance of this at Celtic Connections – what a lovely song! And beautifully sung and played… Looks like a very emotional piece for you… anyway…keep the faith…Neil PS And just to spoil the sentiment – what were the chords for this one? 🙂

  2. tony

    Whats goin on with you David? you dont seem to be cultivating this site or the pearlfishers site for any potential listeners or fans given you just put out a major release…you havent posted lyrics for the new album which was your most amazing piece of work…so much more an evolution of your music…you didnt really tell us much in the way of how these new songs came about(love the track by track comments you used to do in the lyrics section…….you havent been answering any questions or comments lately on the pearlfishers site…..I posted some stuff in your last days of september video here..stuff I would like you to see….theres nothing about touring that I can see….is everything ok? are you just really busy? didnt mean this to sound pissy, but I am just such a fan of your songs and voice it just doesnt make sense!


    • Tony
      My apologies – I’m grateful for all your comments. I’ll answer some of them presently 🙂 You are right that unfortunately I am so busy that sometimes I let stuff slip a bit. Only so much time in life and trying to fit a lot (too much) in. Best DS

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