David Scott: I Just See The Rainbow

Live performance for the BBC at the Quay sessions with the story of how ‘I Just See The Rainbow‘ came to be…


  1. tony

    This was a powerhouse performance of this tune. when an artist does these piano and voice renditions its gotta be scary, because in these type of performances where the music is sparse….it all comes down to the lyrics and vocals. alot of times full band accompaniment can sort of prop up a very weak song.almost pull off a jedi mind trick into thinking its a great song because you are focusing on the wave of multiple instruments…things happening…. but when one hears said same song stripped down, you realize it was all smoke and mirrors. when I heard this this morning…the hairs on the back of my neck stood up it was so powerful. I mean….just the first few words….. “why do I have to learn, why do I have to grow? couldn’t I stay the same, knowing what I know”……thats a thought thats outside the box. its not generic lyric 101.

    it makes one sort of sit up and listen and think….rather than just letting the music go in one ear and out the other. another tune with your whistle on it lol! if you ever do this song live again for a TV program…it would be insanely hilarious if you planted in the audience…a bunch of your singing musician friends who on cue would bust out whistling that whistling part of the song with you. how beautiful that would sound…how unexpected lol!

  2. anthony

    David……are you by any chance working on a new pearlfishers album? I need more symphonic/rock/folk/electronic/vocal group music from you!!

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