The Pearlfishers: Sugar Mountain Babies

Sugar Mountain Babies first appeared on The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies in 1997. This was the first time that a live string quartet appeared on a Pearlfishers recording thereby setting the tone for everything that followed. When we re-released The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies on vinyl we made this little film that hopefully captures some of the sweetness in the song. A fox falls in love with a deer: baby chickens ensue. It can happen.


  1. tony

    one of the things I’ve always loved about this song was the part around 2:10 where you start whistling..and the music is light, just the guitar, whistle, and a sort of mellow vibe…and I remember when listening to this on a walk on the erie canal…thinking…wow..thats pretty…could the song get anymore beautiful than this?…..and then the violins came in right after the whistling…..and it became even more beautiful.

    this style of video is really starting to grow on me. its so simple yet beautiful in a childlike sort of way.
    another couple of your songs that are really beautiful imagery that would lend itself to this type of
    video would be “say goodbye to the fairground” . that line about “you’ll be older….you wont care” ….is so heartbreaking in its truth. you wont ever look upon the fair with the simple wonder we had as a kid.

    from the new album “silly bird” and gone in the winter..would also lend itself well to this style.
    I always have some vague thought “gone in the winter” is about someone who died yet being a ghost. the whole “you’ll know I’m there yet never see” .and “I fly free” love the imagery…I guess people imaging a song is about this or that is a sign the lyrics get the gears of imagination going.

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