Amy Allison & David Scott: Kaleidoscope

Rod McKuen’s classic Kaleidoscope is one of three non-album tracks on the download EP The Way You Remember Things. Photofilm by Oscar In Venice.


  1. johnaonline

    David I came across this song on Spotify whilst thinking up ‘I wonder what the Pearlfishers are up to these days ?’ Loved the album from the start – Amy has one of those voices that divides opinion but I was already much taken with her since I heard a sample track on a WORD or UNCUT comp some years ago. This has taken me on backward journey through my Pearlfishers recordings and then to finding this site just recently. The quality of the writing and arrangements across your albums is just fabulous and had me smiling all over again and has even helped stimulate my own faltering musical explorations. If I had to pick one album it would be Across the Milky Way which simply never falters – but the Umbrellas of Shubiya feels like something special – I wonder if you feel that way about it as well ?

    I last wrote to you many years ago trying to tempt you to play some gigs (one would do) south of the border …. ?

    Anyway looking forward to the next PF project.


    • Thanks for your kind comments!
      The Pearlies are currently recording new music and I hope to have it done this year. I love The Umbrellas Of Shibuya, in fact I’m probably going to kick off my talk at UCLA next week with that song. However like most writers I love all my babies and try not show favouritism 🙂
      Hopefully see you down south one of these days

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