Amy Allison & David Scott: If You Go I’ll Melt

From the album Turn Like The World Does. Film by Oscar In Venice.


  1. Pep

    Amy and David,
    As I first heard this on the car radio driving home late at night in the Upstate New York winter, a profound and sweeping melancholy blew right through me. It was the So very much..the very same air.. as when I was that 19 year old kid listening to a Richard and Mimi Farina record in the living room of some girl I’d just met and liked a lot.
    Thank You for such warmth and sweetness of heart in this greedy and cold, too modern, i-world.

    • Pep – that’s amazing to read. As it happens I’m sitting at home today trying to write something about the North and Winter in pop music. There was definitely quite a bit of that in the songs Amy and I wrote for Turn Like The World Does and I’m glad some of its atmosphere drifted into your car and your consciousness, particularly if it brought warmth into the cold.

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