David Interview: The LA Beat

David Scott outside The Rainbow, Sunset Strip, Los Angeles 5.06.12 photograph by Brian Michaels

David Scott Interview by Shirley Pena

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  1. tony

    so…how goes the new album? no offense but you have your work cut out for you.”up with the larks” is jam packed with a wide range of genuis. umbrellas/eco school/larks/londons/rainbow/flowers/bells
    its almost unheard of for me to like so many songs on a particular CD’s on other bands CDs. usually I am lucky if I like 2 and tolerate the rest. I was wondering though, how long does it take for you to sing a vocal for a song? not adding effects and all that,just singing the lead?

    and does the album have a feel? bright and sunny or introspective etc etc? I am sooo excited! any harpsichord on it? lol love that sound I always tell you that.take care!

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